Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Local BFL sheep and wool available from GA

Bluefaced Leicester wool is a favorite of handspinners and felt makers due to its beautiful luster and silky hand and because the curls are so just so delightful. It is easy to spin and felts quickly to a smooth, usually dimpled finish. We offer high percent BFL wool as raw, washed locks and batting, though availability is limited.

There are also several Romney x BFL’s who provide a stronger wool with larger curls- the best for slippers/socks, weaving warp, felted carpets etc- though it retains the silky hand of BFL and is oh, so lustrous. It is available as raw, washed locks and sometimes batting. This is the wool used in felting the ‘magic carpet’ or fleece rug I teach at SAFF.

We started Bluefaces with a purebred ram, Somerhill Blueprint, and my hand spinner flock of Romneys, Corriedales, and RXC cross ewes. Many of these original ewes were colored and all had very nice wool. A year later we were able to acquire a few purebred BFL ewes. They are lovely in their lustrous, curly fleeces. Half-breed ewes were bred back with my next BFL ram, Beechtree Waine. The ¾ lambs are very similar to purebred BFL's but with a little more wool to shear. Waine is making an especially nice contribution to the wool quality of his daughters.

High percentage BFL ewes and ewe lambs usually available for sale.

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